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Knockspell Magazine #6 - PDF

Knockspell Magazine #6 - PDF

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Editor’s NoteMatt Finch 

From Kuroth’s Quill #4Allan T. Grohe, Jr. 

Random Orc GeneratorRobert Lionheart 

Isles on an Emerald Sea IVGabor Lux 

Random Perks and Flaws - Stefan Poag 

Fire and Other Eldritch EnergiesMatt Finch 

The Body in the Street: Fiction - Al Krombach 

OUCH, My Brain Hurts! - Robert Lionheart 

Catacombs of Ophir - John Stater 

A Duet of Bards - Doyle Tavener 

Locks and Traps as a “Mini-Game” - James Pacek 

City Source: Byzantium - Matt Finch 

New Magic Items - Various Authors

Deadly Distillations and Fantastic Fermentations: Alchemical IdeasMatt Finch 

New Monsters - Various Authors


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