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Knockspell Magazine #5 - PDF

Knockspell Magazine #5 - PDF

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KNOCKSPELL MAGAZINE - Issue No. 5 - January 2011

Editor’s Note - Matt Finch

Adventuring at Conventions - Tim Kask

Teach Your Children - Bill Webb

Out of the Bag: Generating Encounters with Scrabble Tiles - Jim Pacek

Dark Gods - Al Krombach

WhiteBox Weaponry - Richard Lionheart

Where Dwells the Mountain God - Bill Silvey

Operation Unfathomable - Jason Sholtis

Weird Watery Magic of Vats and Pools - Richard Hart

Five Portable Rooms - Andrew Trent

Magic Items of the High Seas - James E. Bobb and Kim Nicholson

‘Don’t Touch Anything’: Traps in Swords & Wizardry WhiteBox Edition - Scott A. Murray

Sorcerous Servitors - Jason Sholtis

NPCs of Note - Rob Hewlett

The Bestiary - Matt Finch


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