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Knockspell Magazine #4 - PDF

Knockspell Magazine #4 - PDF

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Editor’s Note - Matt Finch

From Kuroth’s Quill #4Allan T. Grohe, Jr.

Beneath the Crossroads: an Adventure - Joshua James Gervais

Artist Interview!Christopher Burdett

Megadungeon Adventuring TacticsMatt Finch

Isles on an Emerald Sea 3: an AdventureGabor Lux

Random Tavern GeneratorRobert Lionheart

Artifact Type & AttributesScot Hoover

Spell Interval SystemJohn Stater

Online Roleplaying: A Quick OverviewMarcelo Frossard Paschoalin

Rats in the Walls: an AdventureJeffrey P. Talanian

Stealing the HistoriesMichael Curtis

Free-Form Rules as a Referee’s ToolboxAl Krombach

Rolling Along: Wheeled Magic ItemsJames Bobb

Weird Weather and other Unexplainable PhenomenaJ. Sholtis, J. Larrey, J. Hartleb

Review: The Dungeon Alphabet

Weapon GeneratorJ.R. Cone

New Magic ItemsJames Bobb

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