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Knockspell Magazine #3 - PDF

Knockspell Magazine #3 - PDF

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Editor’s Note - Matt Finch

Outnumbered but Tough: Musings of a Girl Gamer - “Spike”

From Kuroth’s Quill #3 - Allan T. Grohe, Jr.

Pulp Heroes and the Colors of Magic - “Akrasia”

Chariot Racing - John Vogel

Blame it on the Payers: An Editorial - Tim Kask

When Ink Hits the Paper

Swords & Wizardry: Silver ENnie Award Winner

About the Authors

Black Armour, Black Heart: the Anti-Paladin - Scot Hoover

The Font of Glee - Jason Sholtis

The City of VulturesGabor Lux

Random Wilderness EventsJoshua James Gervais

Contest Details

Random Ruin GeneratorRobert Lionheart

Labyrinth Tomb of the Minotaur LordR. Lawrence Blake

The Planes: Playgrounds of the Rich and PowerfulJon Hershberger

New Tricks and Traps

New Magic Items

Beginner’s BestiaryAndrew Trent

New Monsters

The Tower of MouthsMatt Finch 


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