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Knockspell Magazine #2 - PDF

Knockspell Magazine #2 - PDF

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Editor’s Note -  Matt Finch

Art Director’s Note -  Jeff Preston

From Kuroth’s Quill -  Allan T. Grohe, Jr.

The Dungeon as Mythic Underworld -  Jason “Philotomy Jurament” Cone

The Trouble with Thieves -  James Maliszewski

WhiteBox Thief (1): The Treasure Seeker Rob Ragas

WhiteBox Thief (2): The “Standard” ThiefSalvatore Macri

Core Rules Thief (1): The Skillful ShadowSalvatore Macri 

Core Rules Thief (2): James Maliszewski

Thieves and Tasks -  Akrasia

Isles on an Emerald Sea 2: An Adventure Gabor Lux

Retro-Clones: Interviews with the Authors

Jousting (Optional Rules) - Brendan Falconer

Dungeon OdditiesMichael Curtis

The Zocchi ExperienceMatt Finch

The Claws of Ssur-SparihJames Carl Boney

Random City Lair GeneratorSean Wills

Random Thieves Guild Generator -  Robert Lionheart

The Fantasy Marketplace: Looking at Merchants DifferentlyMichael Shorten

Spell Complexity (Optional Rules)Brendan Falconer

Thoughts on Arnesonian Alchemy in the Original Dungeon GameJason Vasche

When is a Spell Book Much More than a Spell Book?Brendan Falconer

Random Pits & OccupantsMike Davison

Magic Swords & Treasure MapsJason “Philotomy Jurament” Cone

LeprechaunsDavid (“Sham”) Bowman

Why White Box? - Jim Adams

Surviving Old-School DungeonsSean Ahmed

Three Sorcerous CreationsJames Carl Boney

Magic Items

Review: On the Road of KnivesMatt Finch

Masterminds & Minionsbat

The Bestiary


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