Update on the Tome of Adventure Design Kickstarter

For all who have been following our progress toward launching the Kickstarter for the Revised Tome of Adventure Design, we’ve got some updates prior to the launch. It has been a long road getting to this point, mostly because of the war in Ukraine, which caused us to change around some of the initial plans.

First of all, we’ve decided to do the printing in the USA rather than in China. For the premium type of binding we’re doing, that doesn’t speed up the delivery date. However, it does mean that the current chaos in global shipping won’t cause the books to get tied up in transit, which is a real fear at this point.

Secondly, we’ve decided that we’re going to print the books with black and white interiors rather than full color. This was a decision with several components to it. The first thing is that although the book is more attention-grabbing when it’s in color, it’s not the sort of book that relies on visual imagery like an adventure or a setting. The second thing is the size of the book; it has so many pages that a full color book would be expensive for customers. There’s a point where even if a book might be better in color, the price to the customer gets so high that people aren’t willing to pay the extra cost. Since, in our estimation, the book doesn’t depend on color printing for the quality of the contents, we decided that a lower price was the way to go.

So, thirdly, this means we have been able to lower the price of the book to $50 for the Kickstarter, even though we’re printing it in the USA. It will, however, have an MSRP of $55 when it goes to retail after the Kickstarter.

We thank you for your patience and understanding as we work out the details and we look forward to seeing you on our launch date of March 29th!



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I have the previous versions and can’t wait to see what this updated version entails!!!

Josh Higgins

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