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This is the first blog post I’ve written for the new website, so before we even start, the first thing I’ll do is ask for suggestions on topics for future posts! You can either comment below or hit the “Contact us” button.

Suzy Moseby and I are bringing Mythmere Games back up to speed from our secret headquarters in Fort Wayne, Indiana. The first project, as most people probably know, is the revised version of Tome of Adventure Design, and we’ve got a completely revamped version of City Encounters ready to go after that. City Encounters will have both an OSR and a 5e version, but we’ll give more details on that when we’ve gotten Tome of Adventure Design rolling.

Planning for the Tome of Adventure Design Kickstarter has been a really challenging process, given that we had to shift expectations from plague to World War III in the middle of the planning process. I’ll talk a bit more about the decisions we made in a couple of days, once all the preparations are finalized.

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The second request is that if you’re interested in the Tome of Adventure Design Kickstarter, please sign up on Kickstarter to be notified when it launches. Given what’s happening in Ukraine, the exact release date isn’t firmly established, and we don’t want anyone to miss it when it goes live.

And for now, that’s all. We will have a lot more news soon!

Matt and Suzy

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S&W is compatible with lots of D20 systems but it takes a bit of consideration to convert it for use in a module from a different game. To make it easy, and provide confidence that the conversion is as good as it can be, it would be great to have a “master” conversion guide for a range of different systems and general advice for approaching game conversion.


I was wondering what’s happened to the Complete version of S&W…do you have any plan to re-publish it? Thank you very much for all the work you’re doing!


When about would the City Encounters’ kickstarter (or else) start?

Florent Demeyere

Any news on Swords&Wizardry? Is there a forum somewhere to discuss about this game?


Long time fan and great to see S&W back in it’s creators hands. Any plans for future adventures in print, perhaps Hardcover? Would love a print copies of the core books but will wait to buy them directly from you. Cheers! Dm Crimson.

DM Crimson

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