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First blog post, and a new shiny thing!

We’re gearing up to launch the Kickstarter for a project that’s been in the works for a very long time. Fantasy Adventure Builder is an app for desktop and tablet with two main features: the tables from Tome of Adventure Design (the Adventure Design Tool), and a Table Designer (the Table Designer Tool) that lets you create your own generators. This doesn't replace the Tome of Adventure Design book -- in fact, from the times we've used the prototype versions of Fantasy Adventure Builder, they work really well together. Fantasy Adventure Builder seems to be best at coming up with an overall picture for when you've got absolutely NO IDEA where to start, and Tome of Adventure Design is best for polishing the details of a starting idea.
Please visit the pre-launch page and sign up to be notified when the Kickstarter goes live (it is planned for early October). We will be doing lots of YouTube discussions once the process starts, to give more details. There’s a lot to talk about, because the software does a lot of things!
I will also update here on the blog periodically, although the newsletter is the first place we send information, so please consider signing up for it!
This post is mostly just a summary of the basic information about the project, which is being coded by the awesome folks at Brave Alice (RPG Stories).

What does it do?

The Adventure Design Tool lets you generate results from the Tome of Adventure Design with a single click of the mouse, and to browse through multiple table-results all at once. Sub-tables are rolled and displayed automatically. So instead of seeing lots of possible results from one table, as you do when using the book, you a combined result from several tables, including their sub-tables.
The Table Designer Tool lets you create your own generators for anything you can imagine, such as encounter tables, NPCs, and name-generators. You’ll need to create the tables, but you will have all the ones from Tome of Adventure Design to use as a starting point.

When will it be delivered?

Most software Kickstarters don’t deliver until a long time after the Kickstarter is completed. In this case, the coding is almost entirely finished, and it will be completed before we even launch the Kickstarter. So we’ll be delivering the first version of the software as soon as the funds are processed.

How will it be fulfilled?

The app will be available as a download and also on Steam(TM). We’re going to recommend using Steam for the first several months after the release of version 1, because Steam(TM) will automatically handle the updates and bug fixes that inevitable follow a software release. It will be available for Linux.
Thank you for supporting Mythmere Games and we will keep you posted!
--Matt & Suzy

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