Adding new art to Tome of Adventure Design

Now that we’re in the final week of the Kickstarter for Tome of Adventure Design, we thought we’d show off one of the improvements that you’ve allowed us to make to the book — we’ve ordered several new art pieces. Only one of them is finished so far, but behold what Terry Pavlet has created to go with the tables for creating unusual constructs in the monster-generation section of the book! We’ve worked with Terry for years, and had the pleasure of seeing him in person again at the last GaryCon, in Lake Geneva, where he was a guest of honor. And if anyone is interested in getting a character portrait done by a great artist, he can be contacted on facebook for commissions


If you’ve looked at the Kickstarter, you’ve already seen the work of Ed Bickford, Brett Barkley (contact at, and Del Teigeler. We will post up more of the new art as it comes in!


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